Nov 05, 2013 · 012 (part 3 of 4) 10.0 points If the outer coil has 13.6 turns, a radius of 23 cm and length of 7.94 cm and the inner coil has 690 turns, a radius of 8.1 cm, and a length of 40.8 cm, ?nd the mutual in
Hi, Using ethereal 0.10.10, the 802.11 decode for 802.11 data frames enclosed within LWAPP are not totally correct. (with swap control field set) I noticed two minor errors: - The RSSI/SNR in the AC->AP direction is the "WLAN identifier" Not sure if it is possible to distinguish it easely within the soft but obviously some packets can only come from the AC.
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All I ever need is a total bill of material. About the only time I am ever asked for specific run length, is for getting the AIC rating right for feeder size breakers. For that I just start a spreadsheet and use the conduit length Comand. Most of the time those values are are figured out without the use of CAD.